Legislators are Prepared for the Eclipse

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June 20, 2017

Pictured: (left) Senator Mark Norris and Representative Ron Lollar prepare for the solar eclipse coming August 21, 2017.

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April 6, 2017
Headline: Nashville Legislators are Readied for the Eclipse
(BARTLETT, TN) Legislators in Nashville received a surprise delivery this week. It was a FedEx tube that contained ten solar eclipse glasses and a map that charts Nashville as one of the fortunate cities where a full eclipse will occur on August 21.
    The delivery and information, sent compliments of the Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce and American Paper Optics, was received by all 132 members of the general assembly that includes 33 senators, 99 representatives and the governor, his staff and all cabinet members.
    “The glasses package created quite a stir on the floor,” say Rep. Ron Lollar. “I had lobbyist and others asking me how they could get a pair. It was a brilliant way to gain exposure for the City of Bartlett and APO. Most people have no idea that Bartlett is the tenth largest city in the state, and they also have a healthy amount of successful businesses headquartered there. This mailing has certainly made an impression,” said Lollar.
    As the leading supplier and manufacturer of 3D glasses and as word spreads about the eclipse, APO hopes to sell upwards of 100 million glasses. Their products have been featured in numerous national publications like Forbes, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Motor Trend, USA Today and others.
    “Their story is an interesting and timely one,” says John Threadgill, president of the Chamber of Commerce. “It helps to bring to light the many unique and prosperous businesses located here. We truly believe Bartlett is the best kept secret in Tennessee.”
    As the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the entire US in 99 years, this soon-to-be occurrence is gaining huge momentum.
    “Based on the number of people who it will pass by, this eclipse is expected to be the most viewed sky event in history,” said Jason Lewin, director of marketing, APO. “Nashville is a focus since it’s the largest city in the eclipse’s path, so we wanted to get our glasses into the hands of state legislators and their family and friends.”
    Because the right kind of protective eyewear is crucial when preparing for this summer’s total solar eclipse, APO is doing its best to educate the public.
    “Many people are unaware of what they need until it’s too late,” said John Jerit, CEO. “Normal sunglasses will not protect from the intense rays when the moon passes over the sun. We want to build awareness and promote safety for this event so that everyone can witness history. American Paper Optics glasses are the safest and best bet when it comes to enjoying this ‘super bowl of the sky event,’” said Jerit.
    Considered the standard for the safest eclipse glasses on the market, APO products are independently tested and ISO/CE certified. They are manufactured exclusively with scratch resistant black polymer material.
“Our eclipse glasses filter out 100 percent of the harmful ultra-violet and infrared lights and 99.999 percent of intense visible light. They also come with special instructions for safe viewing printed directly inside the frame of the glasses,” said Lewin.
    APO manufactures and sells products to consumers, retail stores and corporations. Many companies throughout the United States use the glasses to promote their products and services, and they are also one of the largest wholesalers for several major retailer outfits.
    “In addition to individuals and retail stores, we manufacture millions of branded glasses for corporate sponsors that are ultimately distributed any and every way that you could imagine,” said Paulo Aur, CFO/COO. “If there is a particular need for our glasses, we can usually find a way to create it. Anyone, individuals to major corporations, can jump on our website and purchase glasses,” said Aur.

About American Paper Optics: APO is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D glasses and other specialty optics. Offering an endless variety of frame styles, specialty optics, full color printing and intricate die-cutting capabilities, they are a one-stop source for all things 3D. For more information, visit: www.eclipseglasses.com.


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