Posted: 10/31/2021

This position works in the Police Department Communications area.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  receiving requests for information and emergency services via the telephone, computer or other persons; analyzing the information and responding the necessary emergency equipment to a location.  The safety and welfare of responding emergency workers must be paramount in the dispatcher’s decision making process.  The dispatcher must always be attentive and alert to the movements and transmissions of all emergency units during their watch.  Correct and necessary information must always be noted and recorded whether being received or transmitted from emergency units.  The dispatcher will answer 911 lines and respond with proper EMD protocols prescribed through prior training and the EMD manual and flip chart. Basic knowledge of the NCIC database. This position is also cross-trained as jail detention officer responsible for taking custody of, booking in, fingerprinting, dressing out, handling requests, dispersing meals and securely housing inmates. The Dispatcher/Jailer serves under the direct supervision of the on duty Communications Supervisor and assists in the jail as required.

Requires high school diploma or GED; a minimum age of 21; possess a valid TN Driver’s License; must be available for shift work; must not have a criminal record.  Previous experience in dispatching personnel or working in a corrections environment is helpful, but not required.  Must pass a typing test, with at least 35 wpm, and a written test to be given to qualified candidates.  Must pass a background check, driver’s license check, psychological exam and physical exam, including a drug test.  Bartlett resident preferred, but not required.  Will work in a non-smoking work environment.