Wear The Gown: Using Essential Oils to Improve Mask Comfort

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July 29, 2020
Wear The Gown:
Using Essential Oils to Improve Mask Comfort

Author: Jeremy Baker Published: 6:42 PM CDT May 20, 2020

SAN ANTONIO — Over the past few months most of us have gotten used to wearing masks,
whether it is in the grocery store, outside, or for some at all times, and in many cases it just isn't

Dr. Jan Patterson, the Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Program and an Infectious
Disease Physician at University Health System, and Professor of Medicine and Infectious
Diseases at UT Health San Antonio, spoke to KENS 5 about the study among UHS where they
found essential oils to improve mask comfort.

"When COVID happened we realized we had to shift some of our focus to the staff with
universal masking which we are very grateful for because it helps us protect each other," she
said. "We started in early April with our hospital staff and went to different departments. We are
doing both clinical staff and non-clinical staff. More recently we’ve open it up to patients, some
of our patients who are in the clinics who are here for quite a while for infusions and so forth.
We would like to try it and see if it makes a difference for them as well."

Rebekah Kendrick, a nurse specializing in pain management told us, "People are feeling
different effects from wearing these all day so we wanted to offer them something that might
alleviate some of those complaints. Essential oils are really becoming a new thing, so there’s
new interest in it."

Some of the most common mask complaints include anxiety, fatigue, poor mental focus,
headaches, and shortness of breath. Dr. Patterson said, "We know that essential oils, not only
do they smell good, but they can affect us very positively in terms of our mood." The oils go
directly to the brain through the olfactory nerve or smell nerve, and they can also affect the
respiratory system by opening up the lungs, making breathing easier. The doctors say each
scent does something different.

The doctors told us, "Lavender would be great for that to help alleviate some of the anxiety with
that and mental focus. The orange oil, we call it happy oil, which is a very happy and calming oil.
The lemon oil is brightening and cleansing. People get their headaches relieved through
peppermint oil and it can help with mental focus fatigue and breathing. Eucalyptus it's a strong
oil we like to say it opens the mind as well as the lungs."

Dr. Patterson spoke about how you apply the oil and said, "Once we choose an oil we simply
get a very small drop and put it on the outer edge of the inner mask."

To learn more about the therapeutic value of essential oils & to request a free sample:
Contact - Terry Mecklin
Email: Terry@learninghealthandwellness.com
Website: www.Learninghealthandwellness.com
Terru Mecklin


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